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Plastikspangen 100 Stück
70,00 EUR
Plastikspange schwarz
ab 1,00 EUR
Plastikspange weiß
ab 1,00 EUR
Plastikspange Tabakbraun
ab 1,00 EUR
Plastikspange mittelblau
ab 1,00 EUR
Plastikspange rubinrot
ab 1,00 EUR
Plastikspange Neon-Pink
ab 1,20 EUR
Plastikspange transparent
ab 1,20 EUR
Plastikspange blau-violett
ab 1,00 EUR
Plastikspange hell pink
ab 1,00 EUR


First Prices
1.1. The prices listed in the order by internet. Price is in EUR including any applicable VAT. All offers are not binding.

Second Conclusion
2.1. With the order confirmation email conclude a binding contract. Your order will be processed immediately upon receipt and confirmed by email from us. The acknowledgment of the binding for the individual commodity price is included. With the payment: cash in advance, payment is due upon signing the contract.

2.2. We take your order on the day of the order reported prices and conditions of the website. However, we reserve the right in writing, printing or calculation errors to resign.

2.3. If an item is out of stock, we will of course take personally contact you and cancel the item depending on your preference, you replace or make an alternative proposal. This is not a legal right represents

Third Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, our Delivery is from stock to your nominated delivery address. Upon leaving the goods or part of the goods from our company the risk is transferred to you.

3.1. Delivery times
We endeavor to send your order after Zahlungseingan next day to you. We are not liable for the failure of delivery unless such appointment has been confirmed in writing. If the delay, we will inform you immediately by email.

3.2. Shipping costs
Please understand that any orders obtained in additional costs. They are sent at our discretion, by the cheapest shipping method. Shipping requirements of the buyer, if possible, be considered. Any additional costs shall be borne by the buyer.

For orders from retail customers, we charge per delivery, shipping in the amount of 4.90 Austria, for German Euros 9.90 >4 kg and for large packets and gallons are charged 16.90 Euros. Shipping for small items (up to 250 g) as a big envelope International (thickness up to 20mm) 7.90 Euro (insured). Shipping fees include 20% VAT! All other EU-countries (without Greece) EURO 13,90 and for Switzerland and Greece please ask about the coast.
Shipping (outside the European Union):
The shipping costs to countries outside the European Union are generally possible. The resulting costs are individually designed in consultation with you after receipt of order. Other countries please request.

3.4. Partial deliveries
We are trying to send the goods in one delivery. Should this not be possible for technical reasons, you will be charged the shipping costs of course only once. Exceptions are waiting for custom. Are in stock items ordered together with a special edition, with a pre-delivery, the shipping charges will be paid separately for the special order. The waiting time for custom amount to 3-4 weeks.

3.5 If no one ordered delivery to the customer possible, send the transporter responsible for the goods back to the seller, and the customer has to bear the cost of the failed delivery. This does not apply if the customer was temporarily prevented the adoption of the service offered, unless the seller a reasonable time his performance had previously announced or when the customer hereby exercises his right of withdrawal.

4th Retention of title
Until full payment of all claims existing against you Goods remain our property.

5th Warranty
5.1. You as a customer should - in their own interest - complain obvious defects of the goods. As the delivery against damage is insured by us, you the customer are obliged, however, to reduce damage upon delivery to be certified, otherwise the insurance void. The customer must check after receiving for completeness and integrity back. With complaints he immediately contact us by phone and / or e-mail.

5.2. Legal claims themselves - for whatever legal reasons - are excluded. We are not liable for damage that is not caused to the item itself, in particular we are not liable for lost profits or other financial damages. If our liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of employees, representatives and agents.

5.3. The above limitation shall not apply if the damage is caused by intent or gross negligence. She also does not apply if you are claims under the Product Liability Act, make claims for lack of a guaranteed property or claim damages for non-performance. Same applies for initial inability or impossibility.

6th Privacy Policy
This information is continuously adapted to new circumstances, especially those of a legal nature.

6.1. Storage and processing of personal data
We are committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals who use our internet service and to treat their personal information confidential. Based on this, the applicable statutory provisions.

6.2. Use of personal data
Your personal data will only be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not kept longer than necessary personal.

At irregular intervals we inform our customers about changes in our product line, new products or special events. If you do not want this information, then send a short email to info@bel-cane.at. Thus, you will be immediately deleted from the e-mail updates.

6.3. Disclosure of information
We share your personal data including your home address and email address to any third parties. This are our service partners are excluded, the order processing to require the submission of data. In these cases, the amount of transferred data is limited to the minimum necessary.

6.4. Right of access and rectification
Of course, any user of our online shop has the right to information about their saved data and the ability to correct or delete them. This is done on request: info@bel-cane.at

7th Return Policy
7.1 within 2 weeks of receiving the order, the contract be canceled. To do so, the goods are sent back to us. Send us back the product in perfect condition, in their original packaging and with the original invoice.
The consumer has to bear the costs of impairment, if this is not due solely to the examination of the goods ordered. The customer has to deal with the ordered goods carefully in case of return to avoid these costs.
To meet the deadline, the timely task of the goods. The statement of reasons is not required.
The purchase contract is canceled and so we will immediately refund your purchase price.

8th Payment Options
Basic payment options

8.1. Transfer - Prepayment
You can transfer the amount to the specified in the invoice. SEPA Bank Transfer

8.2 Paypal (only available for countries that are not European Monetary Union connected)

8.3 bar at pick

9th Severability
If any provision of these terms are void or invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision will be designed by you and us, and are designed so that the target of the void and invalidated parts of economic success is achieved as far as possible.

10th Jurisdiction
As far as permissible (eg, merchants) as a venue for all disputes between you and us, in the Zell am See. We are also entitled to sue on your jurisdiction.

11th Operator Information
Shop operator is:

Bel Cane
Inh.Doris Seitinger-Altendorfer
Bruckberg 37
5700 Zell am See/Österreich
St.Nr.294.8488 00
UID: ATU65423339

Call: 0043 6542 56435